Red Zipper Designs
New Storage Pouf

Stylish Storage
for Winter Clothes,
Stuffed Animals
and More!

No family home has enough space. If you’re that mom frantically running around trying to organize and puzzle your items into a packed closet, considering trying an alternative method: collect your seasonal clothes, stuffed animals and other soft items and chill on your beanbag.

4 colors of storage pouf

Red Zipper Designs, a company launched by two young mothers, brings you the patent pending new Storage Pouf.

Amber and Andrea were sick of the mess in their small homes with all the toys, blankets and winter clothing. Closet space was sparse, and clutter easily took over.

After watching their kids playing with some beanbags, they had the brilliant idea of creating “beanbag storage,” a functional solution to their clutter problem.

The Storage Pouf comes in four shades of color to match your needs (beige, buckskin, chocolate and indigo) and provides you with a place to hide your kids’ toys when guests come over.

Simply zip open the Pouffe, place your soft items inside and zip it closed. Then use it to rest your feet on as a beanbag ottoman. It is perfect for your home and dorm and is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Red Zipper Pouffe

The Pouffe is made out of soft, micro-suede fabric.Although it’s only 30” in diameter and 17” high, it provides over 5,650 cubic inches of storage (that you know you need).

It will sustain even the most energetic kid's play. To wash, simply remove the internal bean compartment and toss the Storage Pouf into the washing machine and dryer. Easy!


Red Zipper Pouffe - Indigo

Red Zipper Pouffe – Indigo Red Zipper Pouffe – Chocolate Red Zipper Pouffe – Dusty Rose Red Zipper Pouffe – Beige


Available Colors (click to view):

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