The amount of bookcase designs available for a boy's room is vast and can be found in practically any style. Many of them are used to blend in with the overall theme of a child's room, but are known to be confused with regular decoration. It's when they are opened are looked at closely that you realize the bookcase design and its general purpose.

A very popular bookcases for a boys room comes in form of a house. Some are sports themed and others resemble a firehouse. After all; firemen are a common role model for any young boy. From the outside; these particular styles resemble a focal point in the room that matches the entire design while the function use is found inside with shelves designed for their favorite stories.

And since blue is an overall color loved by boys; there are many short and tall tiered blue bookcases that are specifically made for the younger generation. This means that they are able to access and put away their favorite toys which also teaches them about responsibility and cleanliness.

And for those parents that want the extra storage; there are stand tall bookcase designs that will have small pictures perfect for a boy's room. Whether it's soft wood or blue plastic; the material and designs are vast and can easily be a personal touch to any style.

For the sleek and contemporary room; you can use wall mounted cubes as well as solid color bookcase designs that will easily allow some simplicity. The wall mounted bookcases are extremely convenient when trying to keep things off the floor. Of course, this is practical when the toys and trucks create clutter.

You might also like bookcases with opened slots and tiers to enable more items to be stored. A bookcase is no longer used for books and can easily provide additional storage for toys, linens, and extra d├ęcor. It's combination of style and functionality makes the this choice a great bookcase.

Some of the best bookcases for boy's include an entire bedroom set with a bookcase attached along with a desk. A perfect fit for the mattress located at the top of the fortress where he can remain the king.

But, for those that are just looking for a small addition that doesn't take up much space; then wall mounted baseball bats serving as shelves may be the best bet for you.

It's fun to dress up a boy's room with bookcases to match any decorative style. With the array available; you can easily personalize and achieve the best results that will please the entire family.

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