Bedroom Decor Ideas
For Teen Boys

10 ideas for decorating boys rooms that can help liven up any teen’s bedroom!

Teen boys are usually relatively easy going when it comes to their bedroom decor ideas, but they do enjoy incorporating some of their personality into the space in which they live and play.

1. Choose Colors

When designing a bedroom that is appropriate for a boy, the first thing that you must consider is the color scheme of the room. You should work closely with your teen to determine what colors that they prefer.

Typical earth tone colors, various types of blue, white, and even cream or antique colors are often the most appropriate. Selecting a color scheme that is a good match for your child is important to ensure that they are content with the room once everything is completed.

2. Implement Shelves

When you are thinking about bedroom decor ideas for a boy, it is important to consider implementing the use of shelving. There are many styles, lengths, colors, and designs when it comes to bedroom shelving.

Shelves can proudly display trophies obtained from academic and sporting events, books, video games, decorative items, and even movie and music collections. 

3. Optimize Space With Loft Beds

 A parent and teen favorite when it comes to the bed in a teen’s room are the new popular loft beds that have a desk built in underneath. This assists in optimizing the space in a teenage boy’s bedroom.

4. Personalize Bed with Headboards

If you want to personalize the bed of your child, you can easily do so based on their interests. You can create a customized headboard by implementing sporting equipment like bowling pins, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and similar items.

Sports themed headboard

5. Display Their Artwork

Does your child enjoy art? If so, you may elect to incorporate an artistic theme that displays their artwork, or the artwork of a favorite artist.

If they have a knack for drawing and painting, you could ask them to draw or paint their favorite scenes, characters, or other items on the walls in order to reduce the costs associated with bedroom décor ideas.

6. Incorporate Bedroom Themes For Boys

Does your son enjoy sports and related activities? There are a number of methods that can be used to incorporate this theme into bedroom décor ideas.

Throw pillows designed like sporting balls, rugs designed in a sporting fashion, and bedding that reflects a favorite sport are all wonderful ideas.

There are many different bedroom themes for boys that are a big hit among teenagers!

Boys bedroom with metal red and yellow bunkbed

7. Use Frames for Posters

If the teenager in your life enjoys placing posters in their personalized living space, you can use decorative frames designed especially for posters in order to give a different look to their bedroom.

Car poster is an easy addition to car themed bedroom

8. Utilize The Use Of Closet

Does the bedroom that you are looking to decorate have a closet? There are many exciting ways to incorporate change in a room through the use of a closet!

You can turn the space into a study area, place a modular closet organizing system into the space, or turn the small space into a personal bathroom that includes a sink, a toilet, and even a shower!

Creativity is the key when it comes to bedroom décor ideas involving the bedroom closet!

9. Try Magnetic Paint

Have you ever heard of magnetic paint? It is a popular new trend when it comes to bedroom décor ideas for teens! If you want to add a high level of creativity to the room, use magnetic paint on at least one of the walls in the room!

10. Paint Glow In The Dark Pictures

The next popular bedroom decor idea when it comes to teen boy’s rooms is implementing the use of dark colored paints and glow in the dark paints. You may paint one wall or all of the walls and then allow your son to paint in glow in the dark pictures!

Glow in the dark kids room

By using these 10 bedroom decor ideas for teen boys, you can create a magnificent appeal in any bedroom in your home!

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