Exactly What is Feng Shui?

Did you think about using Feng Shui in the home?
Learn some basic concepts.

What is feng Shui? The name sounds like something you would order from a Chinese takeout restaurant. However, feng shui is really a system for organizing and designing that will provide harmony and peace for your home or office.

Continue reading and you will become more knowledgeable about feng shui and how it can become advantageous to you.

Feng Shui is a spiritual method that started in China over 3,000 years ago.

There are many complicated components of feng shui, but a simpler version is currently very popular in the Western Hemisphere.

Generally, feng shui is based upon the "chi" or energy that encircles all living things.

The words feng shui actually mean "wind water." According to the Chinese, both are related to prosperity and good health.

To have energy running throughout your home, you must utilize the basic concepts of feng shui. This is the easiest way to answer the question of "What is feng shui?"

Basics of Using Feng Shui in the Home

In all living spaces, every individual room has its own energy.

The energy must be given the chance to run freely through the things within the room to make an entire environment of positive items.

Who would have ever thought that even a room like a bathroom had energy? It most definitely contains plenty of other items, but feng shui shows us that even a bathroom can bring relaxation to each individual family member.

People who practice feng shui utilize a few of the simple tools to begin.

Feng shui compass - Lopan

The first tool is the feng shui compass. A regular compass in the woods tells you which way is up and leads you in the correct direction. The same logic applies for the feng shui compass, which is called a lopan.

The compass provides the feng shui follower a deeper sense of the energy in the home and indicates where everything must be located in order for all energy to flow without experiencing any limitations.

Every location of your home requires various feng shui things. The compass tells you which colors and elements must be present in each room. In addition, it tells you which element rules the life of each person that lives in your home.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Another tool is the feng shui bagua map. It is your home's energy map. When you use a blueprint drawing of your home, you can determine the eight locations on the energy map which are South, Southeast, North, Northwest, East, Northeast, West and Southwest. Each location of your house possesses a ruling element and color. In addition, each location has a goal that is associated to your life.

Utilize the compass to correctly split your home into the eight locations which make up your feng shui bagua map. If you know which part of your house is in which energy location, this will make it easier for you to set up an organization system for your home.

Feng shui philosophy dictates that you can affect the energy that surrounds you by easily making a space that is conducive to your lifestyle. This means that you have to know the five feng shui elements, feng shui colors and how the energy flows through every room of your house.

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