Feng Shui Colors

Everyone has a favorite color. When it comes to the principles of feng shui, the use of color takes on an important role whether we agree with it or not. Learn how color becomes very crucial when it comes to the tranquility of your home.

Feng shui has 5 important elements which are fire, wood, metal, earth and wind. Energy is represented by an individual element or by a group of similar colors. You will be amazed to discover the location of your favorite color.

Earth - The principles of feng shui represent your life's stability. It allows you to be calm and provides stability for your relationships. Colors associated with the earth element are beige and light yellow . Light colors such as these brighten up a location and make you feel like you can do almost anything.

Fire - What do you think of first when you think about fire? It might be energy related or a feeling of passion. Both of these words are utilized to describe the feng shui element of fire.

As you might have guessed, colors that depict fire are red, orange, bright yellow, pink and purple. If pink seems like an oddball member of this group, you haven't been exposed to all of the "hot" variations yet. All of these feng shui colors will make your heart race and make you feel energetic.

Wood - In feng shui, the element of wood is an old representation of prosperity. Trees consist of wood and they have lush green leaves that give a lot of air for people to breathe. Just like these "life givers" the colors for this particular element are green and brown. It isn't coincidental that money is green.

Metal - If you look closely at metal, you will see the many different lines, shapes and patterns that it contains. In feng shui, metal provides clarity for your life. Gray and white represent these feng shui qualities.

Water - The element of water depicts abundance and a refreshed spirituality. When you take a bath in water it makes you feel cleansed. Utilizing blue and black colors within your home represents purity.

Don't be too afraid to add color to your home or office. How and where you put individual feng shui colors for rooms depends on the feng shui energy map of your living space. You might not have envisioned how the color red can be an energetic force in your home, but it can be when you use feng shui colors.

For rooms, you should not just limit color to the walls. It can be on your artwork, furniture and accents. It basically can inspire your dreams, open your heart and bring new life into your home.

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