Playroom Design Ideas

Playroom ideas that complement their personality and allow for a safe, fun environment should dictate the décor

Choose playroom design ideas that will result in a fabulous place for the kids to play.

Harmonious color, design balance, child safety and the kid “wow”factor are key to creating a space that's fun for the kids, while still deco-friendly for Mom and Dad. A catch-all playroom that lacks design and organization is a household eyesore.

Playroom Design Ideas: Playroom Storage Ideas

Playrooms are where kids romp, stomp and get rambunctious, so safety must be the first consideration.

Toys or books placed high on shelves can fall when kids try to retrieve them, and although big wooden toy chests with hinged lids may look pretty, they can severely injure little fingers.

Think outside the box when selecting playroom storage. Ideas that promote safety first don't have to be boring; they can be colorful, creative, educational and fun.

Kids will spend a lot of time in the playroom; decorating ideas for their space should never lack enthusiastic personality.


Sturdy cardboard bins are great playroom storage ideas. They're stackable, come in various colors and sizes, and they're inexpensive to replace when you want to change the color scheme.

To hide the cluttered contents, attach various colored fabric panels to the front of the bins using velcro; your kids will have fun switching them around to change up the décor.


Keep shelving low and within reach; a much-wanted toy perched high on a shelf near the ceiling is inviting danger. It's also easier to teach kids to pick up their toys and keep the room tidy when they have ready access to the storage.

Color-coding is another great way to help them keep the room organized. Paint the shelves different colors and designate each color for specific types of toys and accessories: blue may be for books, yellow for stuffed animals, or red for games.

Always securely attach shelves to the wall. Free-standing bookcases or shelves may overturn easily and cause severe injury.

Playroom Design Ideas : Playroom Flooring

The playroom floor is the biggest and most multi-functional space in the playroom. Whether you use paint, carpet squares, rugs or activity mats, the playroom flooring will set the mood for the entire room.

Carpet Squares

Interlocking carpet squares are fabulous for kid safety—hey cushion those falls--and the bonus is, soiled or damaged tiles can be popped up and easily replaced. Use different colored blocks to make various designs. Girls love hopscotches; boys love roads for their remote-controlled vehicles.

Wood, Tile and Linoleum

Hard surface floors are blank canvasses for creating some fantasy and fun. Paint railroad tracks, highways, mazes, or trails that lead to tents or tables. It's inexpensive and your kids can help you with the project.

Store-bought activity mats

Store-bought activity mats are easy playroom flooring options for the do-it-yourself-decorator who doesn't want to go to the expense of buying carpet, or isn't handy with a paintbrush.

The mats offer many of the same perks as other flooring options: they provide a soft landing pad for tender backsides, and they're readily available in a variety of themes and activities.

Playroom Design Ideas : Paint Colors

Wall color should be exciting, but not overpowering.

Wisely choosing interior paint colors is a big factor in creating a harmonious environment; color has been proven to influence behavior.

A bright red room often incites anger in young children, while a room painted bright yellow may promote agitation; however, studies have shown that bright colors introduced in smaller quantities invigorates and stimulates the imagination, so use lighter intensity on the walls and contrast with bright, bold accessories.

Playroom Design Ideas : Wall Art

Kids love to write on the wall so give them their own writing place. Paint a section of the wall with chalkboard paint and frame it with wood trim painted to match the room's theme. Hang large dry-erase boards to encourage their creative artwork.

Theme It !

Transform the whole room into a castle, a ship, a forest, or a grand stage worthy of a rock star with removable stickers and wall murals. For a permanent effect, stencil scenes and themes on the wall, or use an overhead projector to trace a design on the wall, then paint it with glow-paint— great choice for celestial themes.

The bottom line is to get your kids involved in their own playroom decorating. Playroom ideas that complement their personality and allow for a safe, fun environment should dictate the décor. More than any other room in the house, the playroom should be their own unique happy place.

Whether you want to create a detailed theme for your kids playroom, or just decorate with a color-coordinated paint, choose playroom design ideas that will result in a fabulous place for the kids to play.

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