Big Kids Bedroom Ideas

(Ages 6-11)

If you are a parent seeking big kids bedroom ideas,

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By taking the time to work with your child, you can allow them to fully express who they are, what they like, as well as their personality.

Children ages 6-11 have varied likes, interests, and enjoy expressing who they are as individuals. By seeking out ways to decorating their rooms and encouraging them to work with you, you can easily transition a dull room with no personality to a room that is absolutely perfect for your child!

In this guide, I will share some ideas on how to develop big kids bedroom ideas.

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 Consider Amount Of Space

The first thing that you should consider when decorating a room for a child between the ages of 6-11 is the amount of space that is required for the child to be comfortable.

This will help you determine what type of childrens bedroom furniture is most appropriate for the room. For example, a futon helps to save space much more effectively than a full size bed.

Work Closely With Your Child

You should work closely with your child to determine what it is that they would like to incorporate into their living space.

You should then determine the amount of money that you have that you can invest in the project. You may purchase new, or you may choose to purchase used furniture and decor.

Regardless of what you elect to do, the important thing is that the child is content with the choice.

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Choose Childrens Bedroom Furniture

The next consideration that should be made when it comes to kids bedroom ideas is the type of childrens bedroom furniture that you plan to integrate into the room.

There are many pieces that can enhance the bedroom. Examples include beds, futons, dressers, nightstands, vanities, and desks.

Theme And Funky Accessories

The next thing that you will want to consider is a theme. Themes are very important when it comes to kids bedroom ideas.

By knowing what type of theme will be used, you will have a good handle on what types of accessories are needed. With a kid in this age group, you may require simple accessories or some funky accessories.

It all depends on the personality of the child, as well as the theme that is selected. This is why it is important to know what you are after right in the beginning.

Closet Organizing Ideas

If you are looking to save some room, consider checking into some closet organizing ideas. You can purchase plastic organizers, modular closet organizers, and more!

These organization systems can help eliminate the need for dressers, nightstands, and more. In the end, your child will have more room to move about in their personal space. 

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Work Space Area

Many children these days between the ages of 6-11 have their own computers, or have a hobby that they enjoy taking part in, such as arts and crafts. When working with kids bedroom ideas, it is absolutely essential to determine whether or not your child needs a work space area.

Even if they do not have particular hobbies like crafts, or do not have a computer of their own, they may benefit in several ways by having an area where they have a desk, a bookshelf, and other items that can assist them in homework, school projects, or similar activities. 

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

When looking into kids bedroom ideas consider painting a basic design and adding a magnetic paint below the final coat. You can do this for an entire wall or even do this in strips.

This can help make it easier for kids to create their own d├ęcor by painting or drawing pictures and putting them up on the walls. It also comes in handy with older children who like to hang up posters. 

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Type Of Flooring

The last thing that you should consider, once the colors and theme is selected, is the type of flooring that you would like to integrate into the child's bedroom.

Carpet is often a preferred choice, but it is often best to go with hard surface flooring when it comes to this age group.

If you think about the crayons, paints, and other items that could possibly spill on the flooring, you will see that hard surface flooring is much more of a reasonable consideration when it comes to kid's bedroom ideas. 

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As you can see, if you are seeking big kids bedroom ideas, there are many things that should be considered.

Just remember, the most important task to this type of project is to allow the child to assist you with this project. This way, they have what they want in their bedroom, and it allows for some quality time with each other as well!

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