Are you looking for a few easy decorating ideas you can do with
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20 easy kids room decorating ideas for parents who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

The most puzzling decorating project is deciding what to do with the kids room. Decorating ideas usually follow current social trends and will vary among different age groups; parents feel overwhelmed and often don’t know where to start.

Kids don’t stay the same age forever and their interests are continually evolving, so it’s best to look for easy decorating ideas that you can do yourself or with your child that are easily changed.

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

• Toddlers, tweens and teens all need creative ways to store their stuff. Storage and creative design can work together to create a fun, but functional décor.

• Paint can change a room dramatically, and it doesn’t have to be a boring one-color decor. Stripes, polka-dots, geometric shapes and bright colors can personalize a kid’s room; the best part---it’s only paint and is easily changed.

• Wall art makes a statement; it can be as simple as an accessory, or as intricate as whole-wall scenes. Murals, framed prints, posters and personal photos are easy decorating ideas for personalizing space.

• Creative bed designs are all the rage for the younger kids. Cars, airplanes, fire trucks and canopies are among the most popular choices for beds in a kids room. Decorating ideas for transforming a kid’s bed range from simple accessorizing, to light construction.

• A well-designed room that accommodates computers, TV’s, speakers and gaming equipment isn’t as hard as you might think. Easy decorating ideas are plentiful if you think outside the box—don’t try to hide the gadgets; make them part of the design.

• Floors are a large solid expanse in the room and are often the forgotten element of the design space. When you look at the flooring as another opportunity to personalize and decorate, coming up with easy DIY decorating ideas isn’t difficult.

• Outdoor playrooms are gaining in popularity, particularly in the warmer climates. Turn that unused storage shed into a kiddie or teen playroom.

• Siblings sharing rooms often present problems. The answer: divide and conquer. Split the room visually with individual décor while still keeping a cohesive design. It’s easier than you think.

• When kid’s bedrooms are connected by a Jack and Jill bath, decorating ideas that include the two rooms is a challenge, particularly when each room has a separate decor; staying neutral in the connecting space is the key.

• Music is a universal theme, especially among teens. Strike a harmonious chord with some easy decorating ideas to tune up that flat décor.

More Kids Room Decorating Ideas

• Kids love TV and movies. Turn their playroom into a movie theatre lobby, or facilitate an old-time drive-in movie on their wall. Retro is always fashionable.

• Create a tropical paradise. Using faux paint, island accessories, creative bed design and sound enhancement, you can transform even the coldest climate into a tropical getaway.

• Kids need a place that’s conducive to study. With some DIY niche décor, create a quiet, soothing space within their room where they can concentrate.

• The nerd herd needn’t be left out of the cool kids room decorating. Ideas for incorporating science and technology usually suggest some of the coolest rooms decor. Cyberspace themes are dramatic and colorful.

• Where there are kids, there will be books and toys. Get organized by using some simple library filing and labeling techniques.

• Sleepovers and slumber parties are part of every kid’s childhood. Keep the room “party-ready” without cluttering the everyday space.

• Sports themes are “wow” rooms for the child who is a sports enthusiast. Common sporting equipment can be used as both functional furnishings and as the basis for a themed décor.

• Girls never outgrow dressing up, whether it’s for play when they’re little, or part of their teen year’s fondness for fashion. Create a cool dressing area that can evolve with your little girl’s changing taste in clothing design.

• The easiest decorating makeover and kids room decorating idea is themed décor. Coordinated fabrics, accessories and paint are all part of a package design which eliminates mismatched décor. All you have to do is coordinate and decorate—an easy DIY project for the kids.

• Infants and toddlers love color, but don’t go overboard with the primary colors. Soft pastels with splashes of bright color will promote a happier disposition, plus, it’s easier to transition the décor to a big kids room.

Look for simple DIY projects you can do with your kids. When they get involved in the process, they’re much more apt to keep their room clean! And that’s the coolest reason of all for redecorating their rooms!

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