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Is your home considered a "home sweet home?" If this is not the case, feng shui decorating tips will help you to utilize the philosophies of feng shui to change this and make a potent center in your household. Begin with the first room and go through the whole house.

Get Rid of the Junk for Good

The first thing that should be done to get feng shui in the home is to get rid of all the junk.

Even though they may not admit it, everybody has junk in their homes somewhere. How about that junk closet that you have in the back of your garage? Where are those rusty lawn tools that you say you'll restore someday? Chances are they are in that old garage closet along with the rest of the dust monsters.

Have a hard sale to unload these unwanted things. Donate clothes to your local charities. Unfortunately, most of these things are blocking the energy that could be properly flowing around your home.

Create a Feng Shui Map

Next, make a feng shui bagua or energy map for your household. There are 4 main areas which are North, South, East and West. Each of these areas is divided again into NE, NW, SE and SW. This makes 8 locations within your home. Each location has an element that governs it as well as recommended colors that should be used. The feng shui map makes it easy to monitor these areas.

Feng shui not only builds harmony and releases energy into your home but it also cures. All homes should be cured from time to time. Have you ever been in a location that made you feel unhappy or depressed? The principles of feng shui claim that this area has bad energy. With Feng shui cures, you use crystals, essential oils and the symbols of the five elements to cure and restore your home's stable energy.

Feng Shui Elements: Know Your Neighbors and Family Members

Know the feng shui elements that govern everyone else. Utilize the Chinese New Year and establish what works the best for each person of your household. This element can be utilized more in the bedroom and that of your children. The decorations will say harmony in each person's individual area.

Each feng shui color associates with an element. In the common locations, tie all of the elements and balance them together by using furniture, artwork, flowers and other things within your home. Use small fountains to represent water.

All Things Have a Place

How you locate each item is also very important. You want the energy to flow without limitations. Don't block your doorways with pieces of furniture. Don't junk your home up with a lot of furniture or accents. Less is more. Little changes make a huge difference when it comes to creating feng shui in the home.

A feng shui professional can provide guidance as to how much color you should put in any one location. It is your job to accept the suggested chances so that they will create feng shui in the home and allow positive energy to flow.

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