Discover how clutter, bedroom paint colors, bed placement and decorations can impact feng shui energy.

Feng Shui bedroom tips can greatly help balance a kid's level of energy. Most parents would be amazed to discover that sugar is not the only thing that impacts their child's level of energy. Just like adults, children can be affected by the energy that flows around them. The key is to find a balance that helps the child's development and well being.

The best place to start would be your child's bedroom. When the Feng Shui energy in a child's bedroom is negative, that child will never get the chance to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day.

Negative Feng Shui energy can wreck havoc on educational goals, social skills and physical abilities. In this article, we will provide a few bedroom tips that you can use to ensure that your child's bedroom is filled with positive Feng Shui energy.


Unless your child is an extreme exception, all kid's rooms are cluttered. Making them clean their rooms is like getting a popsicle to freeze on the sun. However, in order to set the parameters of Feng Shui with your child, you must get to them at an early age.

Organization is the name of the game. Clutter is a nemesis of positive energy and does not allow positive energy to flow. Purchase organizers for your child's room and instill in your child that everything has a place.

Less clutter will allow Feng Shui energy to flow freely throughout your child's room.

Bedroom Paint Colors

A child is greatly influenced by his surroundings, his bedroom is no exception. One of the best decorating tips for Feng Shui involves color.

Make sure that your child's room has soothing colors. This goes for both the wall coloring and decorations. The bottom line is that you don't want bedroom paint colors that are too stimulating for your child. Bright reds and oranges will keep your child awake at night, which will lead to an unproductive school day at school. Decorate with soothing pastels or earth tone colors instead.

Feng Shui Bed Placement

The placement of the child's bed is one of the most important Feng Shui bedroom tips available. The location of the bed determines how Feng Shui energy flows through the room.

The bed should never be too close to windows, doors or hallway traffic. Outside energy from these different locations can impact the energy flow of your child's room. Considering Feng Shui bed placement tips, the perfect spot for your child's bed is in a southwest corner of the bedroom.


The decorations in your child's room can also impact Feng Shui energy. Stick to soothing colors and stay away from bedroom bedding and decorations that depict harsh themes such as battle scenes or fierce activity. Remember that the bedroom is a place for relaxation.

Don't put pictures on the wall that may be intimidating to a young child. Make sure that all pictures are happy pictures that make him feel safe and secure. When a kid feels safe, the positive energy in the room increases and he is able to sleep soundly at night.


The Feng Shui energy in a kid's bedroom has a huge influence on child development. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that this energy is positive and well balanced. Use the referenced Feng Shui bedroom tips that are above and ensure that your child's bedroom has positive Feng Shui energy at all times.

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