Your Step-by-Step Guide

Want to know how to make a stencil? Making stencils saves money and lets you express your creativity. Make stencils for walls to decorate your kid's rooms or your room!

Once you paint the wall the base color you want, allow it to dry then place the stencil in the position you want. Spray or brush paint over the stencil to create a unique, inspiring design.

Here's the step-by-step guide to how to make a stencil:

Step 1:

Give the room a fresh, clean base coat. At the very least, wash the wall with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Don't bother with making stencils for walls if you're going to apply them over dull, dirty paint!

Step 2:

Measure the wall where you want to place the stencil. Don't create a stencil that's too big or too small. Hang an item that is the same size you want the stencil to be and stand back to have a look to be sure.

Step 3:

Get creative. Think about what the stencil design should be and don't forget the details. For example, if you want a bird, should the bird be flying or perched on a branch? What kind of bird will it be? What colors?

Look through photographs and drawings to find the perfect design. Choose one that will be easy to turn into a stencil; avoid designs that are extremely advanced or hard to imagine in outline form.

Step 4:

Print or photocopy the design. Whether you found it in a book, online or you drew it yourself, print it the same size you want it to be when it's on your wall.

For large printings, email it to a professional printer. It doesn't matter what type of paper you print it on; you just have to be able to see the outline.

Step 5:

You almost know everything there is to know about how to make a stencil! Place your printed design on top of a thin piece of plastic (look in art stores or online for “stencil plastic”). Even an old plastic placemat will do, so long as the stencil fits and you don't care about cutting it up.

Using extreme care, cut and trace the paper design, pushing through onto the plastic with a razor or stencil knife. Push hard enough to at least create a line on the plastic so that when you remove the paper, you'll know where to cut. Remove the paper and cut out the stencil.

Step 6:

Place the stencil on the wall and secure it with tacks or tape. Paint it and enjoy! Tip: Don't remove the stencil until the paint is dry so you avoid smearing!

Now you know how to make a stencil. Creating stencils for walls is a fun, rewarding process; make sure to involve your kids in as much of it as possible!

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