Create a contemporary and fun Roxy room decor with Roxy bedding, Roxy surfboards, Roxy stickers, Roxy wallpaper and many other Roxy accessories.

Do you have a daughter crazy about Roxy? Consider creating a Roxy Room . You can completely makeover her bedroom and transform it into a Roxy room. Most girls will think you are the greatest for doing so and will probably want to spend more time in her bedroom. It can be a complete surprise room makeover or you can get her involved in the entire process. Either way, she is happy.

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Things To Include when creating the Roxy Room :
  • Roxy bedding , which includes sheets, pillow cases, comforters, duvets, and shams. You can include curtains as well to give the room a unique touch.
  • Roxy surfboards are quite popular even if she does not surf. It looks nice in the bedroom and she will surely strike up a lot of conversations with friends over the surfboard.Additionally, this is one item you can hang on the wall, especially if you know there is no surfing in your area, it can be sort of a unique item that she can have for many years to come.
  • Nightstand and dresser that is lighter in color to truly blend with the Roxy bedding. The room is definitely going to have very "girl" feel to it, which is just what you want and what she will love.
  • Throw rug or area Roxy rug to create the perfect dazzle in the room.
  • Roxy stickers or wall decals are vibrant, stylish and easy way to add new dimension to the room d├ęcor.
  • The color of the paint you choose should be brighter but also able to blend in with various colors schemes of comforters and sheets.
  • Add soft white single shelves on the wall to give it s a classy look.
  • Colored light bulbs in the lamps will create a softer look for Roxy Room.
The possibilities for creating a bedroom with a Roxy theme are endless. Let your imagination and creativity shine through and most importantly, have fun with it. If this is a surprise for your daughter, you should definitely video tape her expression when she first sees the room.

roxy bedding, roxy room, roxy surfboards, roxy stickers,bedroom decorating ideas for girls, girls bedrooms decor,  teen girls room

Surfer Girl Bedding Set

Final Thoughts

When creating your daughter's Roxy Room, remember to get all the popular items and colors so that they blend well and create a very classy and sophisticated room.

She spends a lot of time in her bedroom, why not make it a place that she can be comfortable and truly enjoy? It will make you happy to have created her own "space" and it will certainly make her happy.

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