Fantastic uner the sea decor ideas, under the sea themes and under the sea decorations.

Under The Sea decor is fun for all ages!

There was a time when kids' rooms were decorated with just wallpaper and a couple of mobiles hanging from the ceiling. And that was that, because nobody really expected the neighbors to poke their nosy noses into the kids room and oooh and aaah at the stylish d├ęcor.

We have come a long way baby, since then! So, naturally, you are going to be looking for really stylish, fashionable, innovative, interesting, and most of all trendy under the sea theme ideas for kids rooms, to make it a really fashionable, ubercool den for your super cool kids.

The Great Barrier Reef Theme

Let us start with changing kid's room by making it into a giant aquarium.

One of the most innovative and creative of under the sea themes is the Great Barrier Reef. That particular decor is going to be done by discreet blue lighting on the ceiling, focusing on images on the wall.

These images are going to be of the Great Barrier Reef, along with multicolored coral, fishes, and the odd JAWS lurking somewhere there in the corner.

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The floor of the room can have a sandy finish, to depict the ocean bed. The walls can be decorated with plenty of sea life, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

This can be done extremely easily, by buying posters, and pictures of underwater life. These can be pasted on the walls, in a collage form, with a little bit of help from your kids. You might want to give this amazing under the sea decor idea a more nautical touch by adding pictures of shipwrecks.

Have some soothing music with the roaring waves, the swaying of the palm trees, the breeze, and the seagulls crying, switching on automatically or dramatically, (as you wish), the moment somebody enters the room.

The pet parrot saying "shiver me timbers," and "yo ho ho, me hearties" is, of course optional! You might also want to use swathes of blue, green and aquamarine fabrics, with a white edging to hang on the ceiling and on the wall, to depict waves! Try out this under the sea theme right away.

Under The Sea Decorations

You can find pleany of under the sea decorations.

Aquatic mobiles ,murals or mosaics

How about using the ancient practice of aquatic mobiles ,murals or mosaics to liven up your kids bedroom? You might also want to stick seaweed, photographs of dolphins, exotic fish, turtles, and of course the occasional mermaid (Walt Disney's Ariel and her friends) can liven up a little girl's bedroom beautifully.


Stenciling sea life all over any available surface of your kid's rooms is a fascinating way to decorate them.


You might also want to buy pillows in the shape of fishes, and bedding with coral and fish designs printed on them.


The furniture can be decorated with all available varieties of seashells and dried seaweed. You might want to hang a green/sky blue lace canopy over the bed, to depict sea waves and the sky.


There is another innovation which can add more oomph to your kids' rooms. Have curtains made of seashells! But for that, you will need lots of patience and lots of seashells, if you intend to make them yourself! These curtains can also be bought, readymade, and they can be hung over the windows to tinkle musically in the wind!

Hope your kids love your innovative ideas for their rooms, with this cool under the sea decor and under the sea themes!

But do remember to ask your child his or her opinion, before you start to decorate their rooms, because you do not want to shock them by turning their pretty ordinary looking room into an underwater treasure trove, or an underwater castle, where they can enjoy themselves with Ariel! Some kids might not like an under the sea decor which includes JAWS!

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