Cleaning solution for people with asthma and allergies

by Trish

Hi there. I live in France.
Due to my asthma, my doctor recently advised me to use only savon de marseille for cleaning the house.

This is a block soap - available readily here, but in the US it can be found in healthfood stores, etc, or there might be an alternative such as Sunlight soap. It may cost quite a lot for a block, but it lasts about six months and you can use it for everything.

For washing dishes, just put the block by the sink and rub the scourer on it.

To make a 'soap powder', just grate it - I keep mine in an old 1ltr yoghurt pot with a lid.

To make a liquid cleaner, mix one cup of flaked soap with two cups of water and heat, stirring to mix, then put it in an old dispenser bottle - you can use this for clothes, hand-washing, even shampoo if you like.

It's cleaning power is extraordinary and it has no nasty ingredients, no strong smell and is low residue - another example of 'granny knows best'.

I now use it for cleaning floors, baths, the sink, work surfaces - everything you can think of, as well as clothes washing. Stains on clothes can be removed just by rubbing the garment on the block.

My Answer:

Thank you, Trish very much for a such useful and important information.

I am sure many people with asthma and allergies will find this info. beneficial.


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