Full of Autographs

by Connor Peterson
(O'Neill, NE, USA)

My autograph wall/ Michael Jordan lockers

My autograph wall/ Michael Jordan lockers

I am a huge collector of autographs so every time I received an autograph, whether it was a ball, shoe, or a picture, I put it on my wall. I had a shelf put in on one of my walls where balls can go and trophies.

Another part of my room is the Michael Jordan themed lockers that took me a weekend to do. We went to an auction at a school and got 3 connected lockers. We painted the doors red and the rest black to represent the bulls. We put the Michael Jordan autograph on top of it as well as pictures of Jordan and a statue of him.

There is a baseball display case where all the balls i have signed go as well as plaques. I have borders on the walls and blue and white to represent the Kansas City Royals.

I also have a Hall of Flame baseball bat with all the Hall of Famers from Nebraska.

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