A jungle theme nursery is the perfect way to celebrate the newcomer of the family, no matter what the gender of the baby might be. It's fun, inviting and it can be incorporated for many years after a child is born.

Safari themes and a jungle room theme can be designed in a number of ways, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Consider these fun techniques to help you create a jungle room theme or safari theme that will knock the socks off your kids!

It's all about the Colors

Different shades of green should be an obvious choice when creating a jungle theme nursery, and browns are even more important for safari themes. But this is where thinking outside the box can create a unique, vibrant space for your children. Consider bold colors like blue, purple, orange and yellow to help add some punch to the room. You can use these colors are accents on the curtains, or for the pillow cases in the room, or you can use them as trim on the walls. There are hundreds of options here.

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Courtesy of Katie Gillespie

Put a Game on the Wall

Incorporate interactive walls into your jungle theme nursery and you child will have new ways to entertain themselves as they get older. For example, you can paint hidden objects throughout the themed walls (such as a parrot behind big green trees) for your children to find. In order to switch things up a bit, place felt leaves on the walls as d├ęcor and other materials that will add depth without the risk of injury.

This way you can literally hide objects within these things to make the game new and refreshing as time goes on. Other ways to incorporate an interactive jungle room theme are to put a big chalk board on one wall, to place magnetic trim on beds for alphabet games, and to paint hopscotch patterns on the floor instead of using rugs. You can even hang a "tree swing" from the ceiling!

jungle theme nursery,jungle room theme, safari themes,jungle theme nursery ideas


Courtesy of Amanda Smith

Incorporate Animals

Safari themes require lots of animals from giraffes and zebras, to lions, tigers and bears oh my! Try placing animals within the wall theme so it seems as though you are living among them while you are in the room. For example, create a lake for hippos to hang out in and maybe a few trees branches will provide solace for chimpanzees. Perhaps the giraffe is peaking out at you from behind a big tree stump? The possibilities are endless here.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to create a jungle theme nursery using just a few techniques and tools. Some paint and a little hardware and your creativity are all you need! Consider checking the Internet for pricing on the tools you will need, because you might be able to find a better deal than if you were to shop at your local brick and mortar store. You will probably find a wider variety of options for particular things you're looking to buy as well. Have fun!

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