Using magnetic chalkboard paint can be a fun project in a child’s room. You can use this magnetic wall paint to turn a wall into a giant chalkboard.

This is really great if you have a child that is very creative and enjoys coloring and drawing. This way instead of coloring on the regular walls, he/she can use the giant chalkboard to expel all that creative energy.

This could also eliminate problems with children coloring on normal walls, because they now have a place that they can do this without getting into trouble.

Here is a step by step guide to help on how to use magnetic chalkboard paint and a few tips to keep you from making some mistakes others have made.

Step One:

You will need to prepare the wall you intend to use before applying the magnetic chalkboard paint.

Make sure the wall is clean and free of any holes.

If the wall has texture to it you will want to sand it down for best results.

This paint can be used on most hard surfaces such as wood, concrete, dry wall and plaster.

For concrete walls, you may want to coat with a regular primer before using the magnetic chalkboard paint. Because concrete is porous, and the magnetic wall paint is much more expensive, it will ensure better results than coating over and over with the magnetic paint.

Step Two:

Before applying the primer you need to really mix it up, just shaking it up will not make the cut. Shake the magnetic wall paint as good as you can and then take a stir stick to it for a while.

You will need to make sure that the primer is mixed good enough that the metallic stuff is not still at the bottom of the container.

Also, unless you are a super fast painter you will want to continue to stir the paint as you go.

Step Three:

Once the primer is mixed thoroughly you can begin to apply it to the wall. Manufacturers recommend using a 1/4 inch think nap roller. However, if the wall has uneven spots you may want to use a thicker roller.

You should apply this magnetic wall paint as you would any other primer, with an even coating.

You will need to allow the paint to dry at least 30 minutes between each coat to ensure that it is cured.

Manufacturers recommend coating the area three times. However, more coats may increase the strength of the magnetism. You will want to make sure you do not over work the paint, this can decrease the magnetism.

Use the least amount of brush or roll strokes it takes to cover the area.

Step Four:

Once you have covered the area with the right amount of coats with the magnetic chalkboard paint you will want to let it cure over night.

After it has cured over night you can add the chalkboard paint. You will need to let the paint dry for at least four hours before applying another coat.

Once you are done with the paint, let it dry. When the paint is dry, it is recommended that you coat the area with an even layer of chalk and wipe clean.

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