The right decision starts with an
organic crib mattress

One of the most common questions that arises for new mothers is whether an organic crib mattress is sincerely better than the regular form. It's a relatively new concept that has recently been known within the last decade, but one that has proven to be important.

Some people have the assumption that it is a gimmick to charge more while others have done the research to prove otherwise. And then there are others that are new to the entire idea of organic and are unsure as to what these types of crib mattresses entail.

So, what exactly is an organic mattress?

Every mattress is made with things that are grown such as cotton, items found in fire retardant for safety, and even the other synthetic materials that are used.

Unfortunately; pesticides are used for growth while the chemicals found in the additional materials are known to be harmful as well. In fact, a regular mattress is typically layered in polyester that can be extremely flammable. This is why fire retardant is necessary, Is this something that you want your baby to breathe in? Sadly; there is a high regard to regular mattresses being a component in causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Even though it has yet to be proven, it is a chance that many mothers refuse to take.

On a lighter note, the question of choosing an organic mattress compared to a regular one has an easy answer. In comparison to an organic crib mattress; they are composed from natural ingredients, lack pesticides and fire retardants, and is made from material that isn't known to be flammable. This includes cotton, natural latex, natural fibers, and wool. There isn't a fear of lethal chemicals being released overtime which also means that you can pass it between children.

Even if they are a little more expensive; it's a guarantee that you'll get your money worth in the end. This doesn't compare to knowing that you're child is resting safely on an all-natural mattress.

What should you look for when purchasing?

Now, if you've done research; then you've already realized how many different companies and stores offer organic crib mattresses. There are many different descriptions for each and finding the best one can pose as a challenge. Plus, are you really certain that you'll be getting one that is 100% natural?

So, what are some of the things that you should look for? First off; stay away from those that refuse to use the term, “organic”. You will see “natural” crib mattresses everywhere, but unless it physically says “organic”; then it usually isn't 100%.

Many companies do this in hopes of persuading you to purchase the cheaper version. Reading all of the fine print found on each label will give you an idea of how pure it truly is. For instance; you will see a few that will say 85% natural, but you'll have to look close.

And while you're checking out the ingredients; look for the term “eco-cotton” indicating that it was grown without the use of pesticides.

If you pay attention closely, you can actually find many organic mattresses available with all of its information right on the tag. Don't skip sentences and read quickly; take your time and find one that offers 100% eco-friendly products.

What are some of the best companies out there?

But, if you're still unsure as to where to look; there are a few companies that have really stood out in providing the best quality for a great price.

Based on consumer reviews; - has been rated at the top. The most positive response about this particular brand is the softness it provides. Some natural mattresses can be a little rough due to the organic material, but Sealy has found a way to prevent that without sacrificing safety.

- is another top product. Naturepedic is known for making all of their bedding from eco-friendly material regardless of the size. This is why their crib mattresses have become a high priority for parents with a 100% guarantee directly from the company!

The fact remains that using an organic crib mattress is one of the safest things that you can do for your new baby. There are many other things to worry about and this shouldn't be one of them! When you're only looking out for the best of your child; finding the safest mattress is a great start. You can rest assure in knowing that you made the right decision.

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