Faux painting ideas.

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Faux painted kids room

Courtesy of Ann Simmons from Simmons Design

Paint effects for a kids rooms are fun to create and can add interest to your room. They are best suited to large walls, and basically consist of overlaying a base coat with another coat of a stronger color, and then working with it, using various methods, while the paint is still wet.

It is not expensive to paint a room with faux finishes.The only expense is the paint; the tools and materials are very inexpensive. You need to do a bit of experimenting, so try it some hidden spot first.

kids room, faux painting

Faux Finishes

color washing, faux painting

Color washing - Start by applying a very thin, transparent coat of water base paint to the wall. Us the same broad strokes as you work. After it dries, add more layers until you get the depth of color you desire, leaving variations in tone throughout the wall.

brush stroking

Brush stroking - Using a dry paintbrush, simply dab textured paint on the wall using short, patting motions. Changing the angle and direction of the brush will create different patterns and ridges.

ragging , paint effect

Ragging - This method is not as consistent as sponging. Apply the lighter base coat and let it dry. Using a lint free rag, or a scrunched up plastic bag or paper sack, dip into the contrasting paint, dab to remove the excess, and then press it randomly over the wall. Light and even pressure will give you a nice even finish, but you can vary it by changing the amount of paint and pressure you put on the rag.

sponging, faux painting

Sponging - This can be done with two or three colors. This easy to apply method is very popular. Spread a base coat on your wall using the lightest color and let it dry. Then dip a natural sponge, dampened, into the next darker color, dab the excess off on some paper, and lightly press it on the surface of the wall. Dip as needed, using the same amount of pressure. Change or clean the sponge if it becomes saturated. Dry and do it again with the third color if you have one. Once the wall is exactly they way you want it, apply a sealer.

frottage, faux painting

Frottage - This is an method of a negative faux painting technique. where glaze is removed by using a plastic sheet. First apply the glaze over the base, then spread a plastic sheet over a wall section. After that, press the sheet over the glaze, and then remove. The texture left behind resembles marble.

dragging, paint effects

Dragging - Start with a base coat and let it dry. To drag the surface, use a wide, stiff brush, dipped in paint, dabbed on paper to get rid of the excess, and then brushing in one continuous stroke over the surface.

Paint effects can also be used to renew a piece of furniture for your kids room. Use anything from photos, to wallpaper, that you can apply individually or overlapping in a collage style to cover the whole surface. Base coat the piece of furniture and let it dry. Apply a mixture of 1 part white glue and 1 part water to back of image and press onto the furniture. Keep going until you've used all you want. Let it dry, and apply non-yellowing varnish.

This video will help you to learn how to paint a room with
Faux painting techniques.

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