Removing wallpaper used to be a task that many dreaded, now it is easier than ever with things that you may already have in your house.

Sometimes it is possible to paint or paper over old wallpaper but not recommended, especially if the old wallpaper is pulling away from the wall or has been damaged. This can cause cracks in the paint or bumps in the new paper.

Just follow this easy how to remove wallpaper guide. All you will need is some fabric softener, water, a spray bottle, a sponge and a scraper.

Step One:

First, be sure that all the power is completely turned off in the room you are working in.

Then, you can try to remove the wallpaper by peeling it from the wall leaving the glue behind for later clean up.

If the paper just peels right off, this makes your job much easier.

You will want to cover the floor in plastic and drop cloths to keep the floor from catching the water.

If you could not remove wallpaper by peeling it away you can make small scores in it to ensure that the water/fabric softener solution gets under the paper to soften it.

Step Two:

Mix your solution of one part very hot water and one part fabric softener.

Now you can apply this solution in a few different ways. You could use a spray bottle and spray it on the wall or you can use a paint roller to roll it on to the wall.

You should work in small sections at a time, leaving the solution sitting for about five minutes and then wiping the area down with a clean sponge.

If the sponge just isn’t doing the job you may want to use a scraper to carefully remove wallpaper glue.

If you were to spray the whole wall down, the solution would dry too quickly for you to finish the wall in one shot.

Step Three:

If there are layers of wallpaper on the wall, take it one layer at a time, however, if someone has painted over wallpaper you will need to chip off the paint.

Do not use the solution on the paint, it can irritate the skin.

Once the paint is removed you can follow through with steps one and two.

If there is still a bit of glue left behind, you can use the solution on it again until it is clean.

If your water/fabric softener solution gets cold you will want to dump it and start fresh, the hot water works better at removing wallpaper and the glue.

Once you remove wallpaper glue you can let the walls dry. It is recommended to let them dry for at least 24 hours.

When the walls are dry you can turn the electricity back on and start cleaning up. Now your walls are ready for new wallpaper or paint.

The good news is, your walls should smell really nice after using this solution.

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