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Many parents are starting to realize how easy it is to incorporate the Sesame Street theme in a kid's room. Sesame Street is a favorite among toddlers and young children. To be completely honest, there are many parents that enjoy Sesame Street as much as kids do!

In today's versatile market, there are many popular Sesame Street items that are decorative in nature.

This is especially true when shopping for Sesame Street items that will be used in a baby's and toddler's room.


If you are designing a room for a toddler, there are many things that you may purchase in order to enhance the overall appeal of a room.

There are toddler beds that you may purchase. You may then purchase wall stickers and actually place them on the headboard and baseboard of the bed. If you find some that are a bit small, you can even line the side of the toddler bed with the decals.

You may also purchase Sesame Street theme bedroom furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, dressers, and more!

The choice is yours!

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Sesame Street Crib Bedding

When evaluating Sesame Street crib bedding, you will discover many different styles and types, exhibiting all of the favorite characters of the most popular street in the United States.

You will discover bedding that displays the famous little red monster, Elmo and other famous monsters such as the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

If you are looking for something a little more uplifting, you may opt for Sesame Street crib bedding that displays Big Bird and other happy go lucky characters. You may even choose to purchase bedding that displays many different Sesame Street characters! The choice is entirely yours.

Sesame Street Bedroom Wall Designs

There are many different baby room decorating ideas that you may put into action that involves the Sesame Street theme.

You may buy Sesame Street wallpaper and even wall murals. There are also many types of decorative stickers that can be attached to the wall that show Sesame Street characters, numbers, letters, and other items.

There are also mirrors, framed pictures, stuffed animals, and other items that display all your favorite characters from the television show that may enhance a Sesame Street decor.

The choice is yours!

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