toddler kids play & sleep room

by rasha hattab

Hello I Rasha,I have 3 children,My daughter is the first 8 years old and twin boy and a girl aged 18 months,
I've always dreamed to be an interior designer,
Because I adore my children and I try to provide them with the utmost safety and protection
So I designed one of the rooms of the house in a safe place to play and watch TV and sleep
Taking into account many things in the design of the room where the ventilation
And we have to cancel all the electricity and put electrical appliances such as air conditioning and TV with a link inside the wall and canceled the wooden door of the room and put safety door
We chose colors and attractive room designed like a garden or a farm and put a large carpet and a bed with Stickers on the wall Such as flowers, balloons, Castle,dora ,& I draw the white clouds, rainbow, fruit trees ,fence,& butterflies, I have a lot of great ideas in designing children's rooms and at home on paper and I hope to get a chance
To apply creativity to reality

Rasha Hattab
Amman - Jordan

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