New house, new room, lil help needed?

by Katie Lambert
(Romeo, Michigan, Us)

My daughter is 12 her old room was ugly and plain. Now I want to give her the room of her dreams where not moving into this house just yet but I want to design the whole thing so when she walks into it she is suprised! Now this is the part. Where can I get unique stuff for a tween girls room I pefer pink for her room as well as she does. Like any stores, websites?

My Answer:

Thank you for visiting my site.
I am not sure if you saw everything on this site.
Here is some links for you to check out:

I think room designed by Tina Seal is very nice and easy to do.

I am creating stores for each page, trying to find products you see on pictures.
Check this out

Hope, it will help you


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